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About Me

Hello Lovlies!! This is Sarrah from Mumbai, India. I have decided to start blogging so that I can satisfy my creative urge and also share my experiences with the world! So, who am I?? Well I’m just an ordinary woman with extra ordinary aspirations, who constantly works towards them by trying to overcome the daily challenges that life throws at me. I work for a well-known media company right here in south Mumbai. Not to forget, I’m a mother of a 6-year-old brat. So how did it all start?? I always was inclined towards writing but never really paid attention to it apart from drafting daily emails in my office. All I did was worked for 8 hours in an office, glued to my chair & my computer, skipped meals out of boredom, feasted on coffee and on all the not so healthy food. As expected, I slowly started downhill on my health journey, my hormones went out of balance and I experienced a host of health & beauty problems that I had never imagined of!! I was so stressed out & tired all the time and fatigue was just a part of me. What next? I surfed the internet in a desperate attempt to fix things up at once. I spent my hard-earned money mindlessly on creams & serums, supplements thinking it would do wonders to my skin & body but all it did was made me more poor!! After years of trial & error, I realized there is much more to the physical issues that I was facing and treating it only externally will not help. I analyzed my day to day activities and questioned myself, if this is what I really wanted from life? Once I was able to answer this question, things started to unfold for better! I slowly but consistently started to change my lifestyle, diet and most importantly my thought process. I realized how important it is to have a positive attitude in life, be thankful for what you have and work towards that you wish to have. This change helped me regain myself in terms of good health which further boosted my confidence and gave me a “Better Me.” I was so excited to share my experience with my friends & family and in the due course I realized that mostly all of them were going through the phase which I did just sometime back. I started helping all the ladies who came to me with similar problems as mine, my suggestions seem to work well with almost all of them and that’s when I decided to take this a step forward with my blogging as a platform. What will my blogs offer? A virtual friend!! I intend to write blogs on all aspects of a woman’s life be it health, beauty, food, relationships, professional issues. In a nut shell; my blogs will offer the right amount of positivity that is required to help us sail through…. Cheers to our womanhood!! You can connect with me on sshah1529@gmail.com Regards, Sarrah.