10 Amazing and Lifesaver Beauty Hacks That Every Busy Mom Should Know

10 Amazing and Lifesaver Beauty Hacks That Every Busy Mom Should Know


Well, it’s not an easy task to take care of everything along with taking care of your kids. It takes too much of time, strength and the whole schedule usually gets messed up. Also, for busy moms, it’s impossible to plan something as the kids are so unpredictable sometimes. Not just that, you need to take care of yourself too. However, lots of busy moms will understand that it’s not that simple.  Even if you have the best time management skills, there are high chances of messing it up. So, for making sure that you look good even when you don’t have time, here are the best hacks to follow.


Follow the hacks to stay beautiful even you don’t have enough time.

It’s important to take care of yourself, and how you look so, you can be confident. A lot of mothers don’t get it but looking beautiful affects a lot of things, also it serves as a mood booster!


  1. Keep Coconut Oil With Yourself

The budget-friendly moisturizer which helps you in getting the soft skin every time, you should carry the oil with yourself. Not just that, if your hair is too dry and you don’t have time or money to spend on buying something. You can leave the oil overnight for getting the deep moisture treatment at home in the most natural way.


  1. Eyeliner Can Be the Game Changer

Working and taking care of your baby can leave those wrinkles and tired looking eyes.  For enhancing the look of your eyes and for giving it a fresh look, you can use the eyeliners. Well, it’s not just the game changer, but you can simply get rid of that tiredly look. For making your eyes look bigger and bolder, you can use the colorful eyeliners too.


  1. Braid the Hair When You Sleep

It’s hard to give yourself enough time to try different hairstyles especially if you have long hair. Also styling long lengths will take too much time, and it’s impossible for busy moms to get so much free time.  Braiding the hair is the best trick that you can try. You just need to make braids in your hair before you sleep and leave it.  In the morning, you will get the beautiful wavy hair without investing any time.


  1. Get the Products with Multi-functional Benefits

For saving time, you can buy the multi-functional products which can help you in getting different things at one time. There are lots of moisturizers which also consist sunscreen. Along with that, you can get the tinted moisturizer too which will work as a foundation too. Because of this, you can cut a few steps which will save time and energy.


  1. Buy the Product Which is Simple to Carry

For busy moms, it’s a real mess to sit down and follow steps for looking beautiful. However, there are products these days such as nail polish remover wipes as well as wipes for face cleansing. Get all these stuff which will save time, money, energy and space too. You can simply put these inside your bag and carry it with yourself.


  1. Lip Balm and Toothbrush for Eyebrows

There is no doubt that getting the perfect eyebrows are one of those things you want badly. However, because of time shortage, it’s not possible to have it. However, you can use the lip balm and toothbrush. For that, you first have to apply a massive amount of lip balm on your eyebrows and shape it with the toothbrush. Stroke the toothbrush upwards and get the beautiful eyebrows within seconds.


  1. Baby Powder For Fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes can give you the beautiful eyes however for some moms it’s hard to apply. For not wasting your too much time there, you can use the baby powder for your eyelashes. Apply the light coat of baby powder with the help of cotton buds.  Once you are done, you can use the mascara to create a volumized eyelash.


  1. Eye shadow to Hide Grey Hair

Well, grey hair can cause some serious embarrassment but fixing an appointment to the hair salon is not in the option as well. For hiding your grey hair, you can use the eye shadow. Get the easiest applicator that you can use for fast applying, and dap the hair using the eyeshade color. It will cover all those gray hair strands, and you are all set to go.  However, this hack is best when you are stuck in an urgent situation.


  1. Baby Oil for Dewy Skin

Catching up the latest fashions need time, and apparently, it’s the last thing that busy mom has. For trying one of the famous dewy looks, you don’t have to invest that much time. Also for that, you just need some baby oil. Get that oil on your cheekbones, and you got the dewy skin within a second.

  1. Avoid using Colored Nail Polish

It’s better to avoid the nail polish if you don’t have time to remove and apply new time to time. Old nail paints which are fading is worst, and you don’t want to have that either. You can simply remove the nail paint you have and leave it. At least you don’t have to be worried about changing nail pain again and again. What you can use instead is transparent nail paint, it will add shine to your nails and keep you looking sophisticated 😊


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