7 Ways to Fight against Aging: Anti Aging Secrets Those Beautiful Women Won’t Tell You

7 Ways to Fight against Aging: Anti Aging Secrets Those Beautiful Women

Won’t Tell You

Ageing is inevitable! Yes, that’s right but wait! Then what is Anti-aging? If ageing cannot be stopped, then why there is this discussion anyway?  You must understand the concept of anti-ageing. It is not about preventing ageing, it is about preventing ageing to hit early. You can reduce the pace of the ageing process. There has been a lot of things said to do to make the process gradual but when it comes with so many irrational conditions, it’s not the solution, not exactly the practical one. So here are these 7 ways or secrets of anti-ageing, ways to slow the ageing process.

1.Maintain good health & stay fit

It may seem a lot of work already but you cannot dodge this bullet. Maintaining good health is even different from being healthy. You need to take care of your diet. It is not important to live on salads to become fit or healthy, that’s a myth. Just maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper sleep, physical activities and a balanced diet. Once you stay fit, there will be maximum chances to minimize the ageing. It is obvious but necessary to mention.

2.You should Avoid Tanning

Most of the facial damage comes from the Sun where at the very beginning of your age as in the 20s or 30s, you should save yourself from excessive tanning. Ultraviolet rays damage your skin internally and gradually reduce your skin tone. So must avoid going on sunny days or spending too much time exposed to direct sun.

3.If you go outside, Wear Sunscreen All the Time

You cannot avoid the sun or outdoors eventually, so in case you such exposure, and make sure you wear sunscreen. Now a secret, you should wear the sunscreen all the time whether there is sun or not. Sunscreen lotions or creams with UV protection SPF prevent your skin get damaged by UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays actually have an aging effect on your skin. So you must apply sunscreen all the time you stay outside. For long hours, keep re-applying in every three hours depending upon which condition you are. Excessive sweating, windy, dust or while swimming, you will need it to apply many times.

4.If you think you are ageing, you are ageing

This statement signifies how psychological thinking affects your body. You cannot deny the fact that lack of confidence and self-admiration will also be the cause of fast ageing. Your confidence is shattered and psychologically you are low, it will reflect on your face. That is the reason people use to detect how a person is happy or feeling good inside just by looking their face even when they are not smiling.

5.The Way You Dress

Sometimes ageing is not exactly there, it is just within your mind and how you feeling it. The ways you dress resembles your personality and project your emotions as well. Even you feel low, try to look good, dress well and be expressive, it will reflect on your face for sure. The colours you wear also matters in this case.

6.Avoid Smoking & Control Alcohol

You might feel we are going so far with this reducing the ageing process but it is true. It is not said you should quit or completely abandon it that should be your choice. Also understanding anything excessive than the limit will harm. Well, in this case, it will start from your face and then goes to your liver or other health issues one day. You just need to control it and level it to a certain extent.  Now, further, if you see, you should try to avoid or just stop smoking because that has the worse effect on your skin. With alcohol, you need to be controlled.

7.You Should Have Read this Years ago

This means you need to start caring at your very young age. If you are in the 20s, then it is fine to start acknowledging the concern for your skin or to prevent ageing faster. This is the key to be always young as to care from the very beginning. Your skin face problems on daily basis, every new cosmetic you apply, everywhere you go in pollution, sunny areas, unmoisturized – everything counts slowly. You need to be more caring with selection your cosmetics, with your diet and do more exercise or morning walks. Once you understand, the beauty comes with constant caring of your skin, it will be getting better. You should wear like a hat or something to cover your face from excessive sunburns. Try to prevent your face to be too much oily or too much dry.

Bonus Tip

You can ask this any actress or model or any Dermatologist and even in a lot of sources. The tip is to drink water as much as you can, or your body requires. Not excessive obviously but drinking water makes your face glowing, healthy and fresh. Also, take proper sleep. If you are sleeping 7-8 hours minimum and drinking water as your body needs, you yourself will see the glow and healthy skin within some days. It is so much working and practical thing to do. Still overlooked or underrated! So you must follow these 7 basic but essential points which can truly slow the ageing process especially if you start now.

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