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Today I want to pen down my thoughts in this article in gratitude for a very special family whom I have known for quite some time now 🙂

As a working mother, my biggest worry was for my son to be looked after while I was in office working hard and trying to meet my ends.

Here I am truly blessed to have a day care facility right near my house, they are not only professional in what they do but also prove to be very warm family with loving teachers and care takers.

This day care facility that I am talking about is called Bee Kids Academy India, in Byculla, Mumbai.




The Team & Day Care Facilities

My kid is in absolute  comfort of a home and is always under the supervision of a team of dedicated staff and helpers. So much so that I just have to make a phone call for any request that I may have for that day and its taken care of very willingly.

A special thanks to Mrs Mona Vora –  Principal of Bee Kids Academy, India who has been my ultimate support in taking good care of my naughty son whilst I could concentrate on my professional life without a second thought. She goes out of her way to lend her support for any issues that may have been bothering me as a mother.



Not to forget her sweet daughter Deeva Vora, who again has proved her ability to take care of my little one with her utter confidence and her charm with kids never fails. A girl who is so polite and respectful at any hour of the day, really appreciate that!



Bee Kids Academy is nothing less than a second home for my son, they manage to clean him and get him changed once he is back from his morning school. They provide him with hand made meals which is an absolute necessity for kids and a biggest worry for any working mother.






Their day care is full of toys, activities,books and all that a kid would wish for!

Not only that, they even plan children activities, workshops, magic shows, story telling, out door picnics, annual days, sports day and much more. Their Summer camp is the talk of the town, children of all age groups enrol in these special vacation classes and enjoy themselves along with some meaningful learning.






My little one plays and also does his home work, spends time with his favourite pet dog, Bruno!



Post lunch, my kid happily falls asleep in their cozy rooms provided with pillows and quilts.Once he is up from his nap, they give him a healthy snack and then safely drop him home in their car.

A day well spent with activities, toys, healthy meals & loads of love!



Final Thoughts

For me Bee Kids Academy is nothing less than a blessing, I absolutely don’t have to worry about my son as I for sure know that he is being well taken care of in my absence. And if I happen to miss my son at times, he is just a phone call away. Deeva even shares his images while he is enjoying his playtime, meal time and this always puts a smile on my face 🙂

Once again a very big thank you to the entire team at Bee Kids Academy for their wonderful support and care that they provide to my little angel, without them my motherhood would have definitely been a tad difficult.



I highly recommend Bee Kids Academy for all the working mommies out there who are looking for a reliable day care facility for their little ones. With this day care, you won’t have to worry about your child, your little ones will be in safe hands for sure!

If you wish to get in touch with the centre, you can connect with them on:


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