The Body Shop – Drops of Youth Liquid Peel Review


The Body Shop – Drops of Youth Liquid Peel Review


Why use Exfoliating Products?

Exfoliation scrubs & peels are the latest hot product on the beauty scene. From high street to designer, plenty of brands are jumping on the srub bandwagon. Beauty bloggers in particular are singing the praises of skin exfoliation benefits.

The concept is, you’ll tackle your dead skin problems and get the ultimate end result every time. Having seen so many positive reviews on exfoliation products I decided to take a look into some of the latest products on the market.

I like for my skin to feel soft and smooth, full of glow and plumpness. As a result, I tend to find granular scrubs which tighten your skin and dry your face out incredibly uncomfortable. Whilst a lot of textures scrubs promise exceptional results, I personally just don’t like the feel of them on my skin, so I’m always keen to avoid these.

I wanted an exfoliating product that would help to cleanse my skin, keep my complexion fresh and bright and give me a bit of a glow. It was quite difficult to root through this category of products to choose one with a texture that I thought I’d like, and buy a brand that I thought I’d like too!


What Made Me Choose The Body Shop?

One product which caught my eye was The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel. The Body Shop has always been one of my favorite brands. I absolutely adore their ethos and branding, as well as the incredible results I’ve always associated with their products. I had actually had a sample of the Drops of Youth concentrate which I absolutely loved using, so when I saw this peel I was interested.

This peel exfoliates and gently peels off any impurities on your skin. It’s supposed to lift the dead skin and leave your face feeling smooth and fresh. It’s a gel to peel formula that glides on and peels off, which sounded quite satisfying to be honest!

The Body Shop’s website claims that continued use of the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel will ‘leave a fresh, smoother and more luminous youthful-looking skin’. This is quite the claim, but if it’s true, these are all properties I look for from my skincare.

The product retails at Rs.2,000 and claims to do absolutely everything I’m looking for from my skincare. I thought that price is really reasonable, and I was looking to implement an Exfoliant into my routine and so I decided to give it a go!






What I was expecting from The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel?

When you purchase a product from a brand you absolutely love, it’s incredibly difficult not to have high expectations. I didn’t want to hold too much hope out for the Drops of Youth peel because peeling exfoliants were something completely new to me. I couldn’t wait for the product to arrive.

With The Body Shop I always expect clean ingredients that are completely natural, products which smell great and lovely packaging. I was looking forward to trying something new but expecting the results to be pretty special.



Putting the Product to Test

The bottle recommends you use two pumps and rub it all over your face, before wetting your hands and continuing to use your fingers to rub circles into your skin until the product starts to peel. I complied with the instructions and found two pumps to be the perfect amount to cover the face.

As you continue to work the product into your skin with your fingers, it gradually starts to crumble and peel off in small sections.


Pro’s & Con’s

The one thing I wasn’t too keen on was how the product peels off your face. It comes away in little bits, meaning removing this mask isn’t quite as smooth and easy as you’d hope. If you have peach fuzz on your face, possibilities are that the peel leftover will get tangled and there is a little discomfort to remove. It takes quite a few minutes of scrubbing and continuously wetting your face to ensure you get every little bit off your face, and even then – you’ll still be picking little bits of peel off your face!

Also, the product does not have a very pleasant sweet smell, it gives you a feel of applying chemical on the skin at first, incredibly sticky but smooth.

Despite the tedious removal of the peel, the results are instant. When you’ve dried your face after removing the product, you can immediately see more of a glow and a fresh complexion. The product really does lift any impurities from your face and gets rid of any dead skin what so ever!

After popping my moisturizer on and going to sleep, I woke up with a clear complexion that felt smooth, dewy and fantastic.

I continued to implement this product into my routine up to 3 times a week as specified on the bottle. Each time, I got frustrated taking the product off.  On the other hand, viewing the results each time was immediately pleasing. After a couple of weeks’ continued use, I am confident that this product has had a great impact on my skin and my complexion.




My Verdict: A-

I think that if the peel were slightly easier to remove, I would have given this product an A. The not so appealing smell also bothered me, and I’m glad this isn’t a product you need to use in your routine every day.

I would happily recommend The Body Shop Drops of Liquid Peel to a friend, as long as they were mindful of not over using the product since it does have strong chemical inputs. It’s a good product to work into your routine, requiring use only 1 – 2 times a week and offering instantaneous results that will make your skin glow.

Perfect Product to use when stepping out of the house for a special occasion or event.



You can buy this amazing product HERE.


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