Top 8 Essentials You Must Keep With You If You Are Working 9 to 5

You Have To Have These 8 Beauty Essentials If You Are Working 9 to 5 




Now reaching office on time is the ultimate goal for most of us working women. We tend to rush through our morning routines skipping breakfast or even feasting on it while we are travelling. All we barely manage to do is put on some sober clothes and leave our house. The city traffic, weather conditions further adds to our beauty woes. Once we reach office, we wished we could get a couple of more minutes to dress more sensibly and feel more appropriate to our work place.

If you can relate to this, than you have come to the right place, in this article I will reveal Top 8 essentials that will help you sail through your daily beauty & fashion crisis with ease, so go ahead and read on.



Beauty Essential #1 – Dry Shampoo

There are times when we barely manage to have a body wash before leaving for work and have absolutely no time to wash our hair, this results in greasy and limp hair day at work which not only looks but also feels disgusting. No matter how much you brush your hair, it still falls flat. And not to forget that itch!! Yuckk!!

This crisis can simply be handled by using a dry Shampoo, just a few spritz in different section of you hair, circular massage and you are done. The dry shampoo almost immediately soaks up all the oil and leaves your hair feeling fresh and non greasy!

Life savior!

My all time favorite dry shampoo is Batiste, check it out now and thank me later.

Beauty Essential #2 – Hand Sanitizer

Working in an office means, constantly touching keyboard, laptops, hand bags, chairs and furniture around. Now imagine eating and touching your skin & hair with the same hands? Sounds gross right?

A simple fix to this one is keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your drawer. Use it frequently especially before touching your face or eating your meals.

Beauty Essential #3 – Lip Balm

Offices usually tend to have low temperatures and strong air conditioning, this takes a toll on your lips.

Keep your lips moist and hydrated with flavored lip balms. This will not only moisturize your lips but also help in giving your lips a glossy finish which is perfect for an office make up look.

I personally use Lip Smacker lip balm sticks, they are just too good to be true!

They come in some amazing flavors from strawberry, black current, green apple and so on, makes me feel like eating it up all 😉


Beauty Essential #4 – Oral Care

Now imagine you have an important meeting lined up immediately post lunch, and your dental hygiene is not at its best on that day, it kind of feels weird and it always makes you feel conscious about bad breath & plaque teeth.

For this ordeal, I always keep a bottle of Listerine mouth wash in my office desk drawer. Just a gargle for few seconds and you are good to go.

Smile all the way!


Beauty Essential #5 – Blotting Papers

No matter how perfect your make up looks at the start of the day, by noon it all starts getting oily and greasy. Its really not a goof idea to remove all your makeup, wash your face with soap and re-apply all the colors back onto your face, too much effort and time consumption I tell you!

But the solution is simpler than you ever thought, just stock your work station drawers with blotting sheet pads. Just dab the sheet pads on the areas which tend to become greasy on your face and it will quickly fix it all up! Absolutely no need to re-do your make up all over again.


Beauty Essential #6 – Eye Roller On

You spend endless hours staring at your computer screen, this affects your eyes. Your eyes tend to become dry and itchy. Also if you wear eye makeup or contact lenses, this adds to the woes.

Keep an eye roller stick in your work refrigerator, simply roll it around your eyes, when you feel tired and blurred. The cold compress will immediately lift your eyes and make you feel fresh as ever!

Garnier eye roller is the best bet for this one.

Another option is to keep eye drops with you, just a few drops will moisten your eyes and relieve your itching as well.


Beauty Essential #7 – High Heels

There are times you aren’t very happy with your clothing for that particular day, the out fit may be a little too loose or may be a tad out of fashion. For such days, adding a pair of good high heels will divert the attention of the onlookers from your outfit to to your footwear. It overall changes your personality, almost immediately. Its not feasible for me to travel in high heels everyday from home to office and vice versa, so I simply keep a pair under my office desk.

Try this hack and let me know the compliments you get even on your bad outfit day 😉


Beauty Essential #8 – Body Mist

Its not always possible to carry the whole of make up kit to your office, its too much of an effort. At times when when you are in no mood to do any makeup or simply don’t have the time to do so, grab onto your lip balm and simply spray a few spritz of your favorite perfume or body mist and feel fresh and confident as ever!

I always keep The Body Shop Body Mist bottle on my desk, it not only makes me feel super fresh but also looks damn good on my table.







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